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Yesterday the children finished school early (due to them waking at 5:00 am or so) They went outside for some bike riding and found nature instead.

Josh, enjoys birdwatching and took a photo of these Waxwing birds.

Such beautiful birds. There were at least a hundred of them flying from tree to tree.

I zoomed in so you can see what they were after. Some sort of seeds growing on the trees.

Here is another bird enjoying our trees. I think it's a sparrow. Again I zoomed in on the little guy.

Another bird. Is it a sparrow? No, it's a Robin. I belive a female Robin.

Today, Joshua, went out again and took more pictures.

How do you like these two weird looking birds?

Just kidding. Brent & Caleb, are trying to keep warm.

Here is what Josh, took today.

A closer look. I think this is a Black-Capped Chickadee. They like to hang upside down almost as much time as being rightside up.

Here is our pathetic little bird feeder. I would like to get a better one someday. This one was inexpensive. $6.00 I think.

I plan to purchase a few books about the trees, flowers and birds in our area. Any suggestions? We live in Texas not far from Dallas.

I almost forgot to mention; yesterday Nature Boy (Ethan) walked slowly to where the Waxwing birds were flying. He was under the tree waiting for them to come back. He waited patiently and soon birds were flying around him. They were so close and he stayed very still. The children and I were watching from the window excited for Ethan. We saw him slowly lift his jacket up over his head. When he came inside we were all excited and asking him questions. The first thing he said, "They started pooping on me." we all laughed and now see why he was putting his jacket over his head. 

The children were joking, saying that the birds gave him a gift. It was funny.

 God, really must love us to have made such beautiful birds for us to enjoy. The details. How can one say there is no God? 

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  1. Beautiful! I don't know if I've ever seen a waxwing before. It has been so cold down here this year (Florida), that my children were shocked to see their first ever cardinal! (They don't usually make their way this far south).


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