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Caleb's Special Sandwich

When Lupe, buys the day old bread on sale at the grocery store, we need to eat it up, fast! What I do is make hot ham or turkey sandwiches. First I put some mayonnaise or butter on the bread. Toast it in a nonstick pan. Heat up the meat and add some cheese. I like the works in mine. Pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. Yummy. Caleb, just loves these that now he makes them almost every single day.

Now Caleb, makes his own. Here he is heating up his bread and meat.

The pan he is using, we got it for saving up points. I think it was at Albertsons. They actually ran out of pans, but Lupe, was determined to get our 'free' pans that we earned. He found out that one store was receiving an extra shipment. Thankfully we got our pans.

Caleb, with his finished product.

A close-up.

And another day he made his famous sandwich.

This time he used left over hamburger buns. He likes to toast the bread until it's almost burnt. The above picture was taken yesterday. He made himself two sandwiches and the toasted bread. He was full and I think he did save half of a sandwich.

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