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Joshua, is using Character Quality Language Arts Level-A the Red series. He is in the third month second week.

CQLA includes penmanship, grammar, writing and spelling. Joshua, struggles with spelling so we are using Spell to Write and Read but I do have him read the spelling words and copy them. We just don't copy them to the spelling notebook or take the spelling test.

I chose to put Josh in Level-A which is recommended for grades 4-5 because he hasn't had a lot of writing instruction. He's had some grammar in the past but has a hard time with remembering....

Josh, is doing well with it. He doesn't jump around excitedly but he does enjoy using CQLA. His writing has improved. He has mentioned that the checklist challenge has helped him when he writes in his own journal (this he does on his own time and I don't require it. He just enjoys writing)

Each level of CALQ has three levels; Basic, Extension & Further Extension. There are three colors to choose from; Blue, Red & Green. Depending on what Character Qualities you would like to focus on for that year. I chose Red for Josh this year.
What I like about the levels; if your child is in 4th grade you can have him start with Basic, maybe halfway through the year you feel he can handle Extension as well. In 5th grade you can use the same level but have him do Further Extension and choose another color, so the passages are not the same.

Here is what a day looks like.

Day 1: He copies the weekly passage. Currently I'm having him copy only the Basic. I have him read the character traits that border his paper. He writes sentences, definitions as directed. He also reads the spelling rule and copies the spelling words. He does not do any review words because he is using SWR for spelling. Editor Duty, is where the child reads a paragraph and corrects the grammar and spelling. Since Josh, can't spell and is still learning grammar I have him skip this part. Hopefully next year we can include this.

Day 2: He does Study Skills/Prewriting: Key Word Outline. He goes through all the sentence and writes his KWO. I have him do the Extension. This is another great benefit because you can choose what level. Just because he only copies the Basic doesn't mean he can't do the Extension with other parts of the program. It's very flexible. Once done with his KWO he does the grammar portion.

Day 3: He writes a rough draft report from his KWO. CQLA gives him step by step instructions. He also writes his opening sentence.

Day 4: Grammar & Comprehension. This week he is working on Prepositional Phrases & Details. We go over his composition using the Checklist Challenge. The CC is where he adds or omits things. Maybe omit a word and replace it with a more exciting word. Something that will grab the reader.

Day 5: Normally Josh, would have a spelling test and a Dictation Quiz but because of his spelling issues we skip them. He does write his final copy of his composition.

The Dictation Quiz is taken from the passage of the week. The student is to read and study the passage everyday and on Friday he writes it from dictation.

I really like this program and it may seem that by skipping the spelling notebook, Editor Duty, the spelling test & dictation quiz why use it? The answer is, there is still a lot of meat to the program. Joshua's grammar and writing is improving. I like the character qualities they reinforce what my husband and I teach him. He reads about missionaries, men & women who love God and people in the Bible as he is learning his Language Art's and that's weighs heavily for one of the main reason we are using CQLA.

Will we use this next year? I would like to use Level-B from the Blue series. I'm not sure that we will though only because next year Josh & Annette, will use The Bridge to the Latin Road which is a grammar course. I think it might be too much to do both. Although I REALLY like the writing. I'm still deciding.

The grammar portion of CQLA does not teach diagramming. Instead it will have the student highlight the verbs in one color, nouns in another and so forth. The Author mirrors the grammar portion after Easy Grammar. For those of you who would prefer more grammar I would think you can easily add Daily Grams. I might purchase the 5th grade Daily Grams book to go along with CQLA. Since he will use The Bridge next year I might not. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Dee, if you read this will you leave a link to where you found CQLA on sale. I went to their site but didn't see it. Also, the Blue series has been revamped. They are working on the Red series this year and the Green is to be out in 2011. Not sure if that makes a difference but I like to get the most current. I probably would have went with the Blue this year had I known about the updates.

  2. What you said about PR is kinda what I was thinking...I am going to do Diego and Cena together as soon as I get it. I might hold off on Gaby till next spring or fall.
    Hey did you see my question about Winter promise? ;-) sorry to be a pain....

  3. Hi Linda, of course I'm going to read it! ;)

    I loved this review! I'm so interested in this, but we also use Spelling Plus Dictation and would probably skip that part. I'm also not sure that my son is ready yet for the technical writing...maybe at a lower level...not sure. I'm still in decision mode because I really like the Lit. and CW portion of Ace and don't want to have too many subjects that will be redundant. And I love the fact that the Lit. and CW is mostly self-instructional, though I have learned from homeschooling 3 other children that grammar must be taught right alongside your child. You are right about those decisions--they are so tough to make!

    I read a post on the homeschool review boards where someone posted that for the month of March all books will be 59 dollars.

    I'm not too sure since I didn't see that at the site, but this person already purchased hers, so maybe I'll post over there at homeschool reviews and find out for sure.

    Thank you so much for writing this review. You might want to post the exact post on the homeschool review section at Homeschool Reviews. I think there are a lot of moms interested in this, but are afraid to try it because of the lack of good reviews.

    Many Blessings!
    I'll be writing you soon!


  4. I have been looking at CQLA for about a year. I would encourage anyone to go to their site and print off the samples. We are currently doing a week of writing from their sample just to try it. My daughter is enjoy the acronym OCCTI to form her paragraph. She hasn't done a lot of "schooled" writing, so this has been kind of nice. I have a 7 year old and an almost 10 year old, so I am still considering what I might do for next year's Language Arts. I like the idea of combining , but as the last person stated in their comment, have been afraid to try CQLA. Prayer is great at times like this! Thank you again for the review.


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