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Joshua and Annette, have practiced cursive before but I was not consistent with it. In December I purchased Cursive First and made it a point to have them practice every single day (okay, not ever single day but most days). I told them our goal is to have them use cursive in their other subjects, not just when practicing.

Josh, has had more practice with cursive. In the past he used Rod & Staff. He still likes to make some of the letters like he learned in R&S. Particularly the p's.

Here is an example of his cursive. The word because he accidentally put an 'f'. As you all know he is working on his spelling.

Annette, just started a week ago using more cursive.

Joshua, always had good penmanship. Annette, on the other hand, had very sloppy penmanship. Since she has switched to cursive it has improved a lot.

Cursive First is reproducible. If a child needs more practice than you can copy off another sheet. My Father's World has the child practice their penmanship every year at the beginning of a school year. From now on I will have the children practice penmanship in the first semester of school. I think it's a good thing!


  1. I think both of their penmanship is coming along very nicely! I was glad to hear of Annette's improvements as that is exactly where I want to be with my fourth grader next year. My goal is to having him write solely in cursive by the middle of his fourth grade year.

    Great job kids and mom!

    Dee in Sunny FL!

  2. Cena was using A reason for writing for cursive and was not doing very well....I switched her to Queens Homeschool cursive and she is doing MUCH better she is still in the primer but she is coming along nicely. My goal is also to have her using cursiive for all her schoolwork by the time she starts her 5th grade work.
    Diego is almost done with his A reason for writing printing and then I think I am going to try New American Cursive by Memoria Press...it looks like something he can handle. From the samples I saw they have alot of tracing the letter before they have to do them on their own..I think that might work better for Diego.

  3. Oh yeah I forgot to say that my kids have pretty nice handwriting but I have them practice handwriting everyday from Kindergarten on..to them it is just part of their daily school work. Once they get fluent in cursive I plan to have them start doing calligraphy...just to fine tune things ;-)


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