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Dirty Shoes

My children for the most part are pretty good about taking their shoes off when they come into the house. Our house is pretty small, so if they take one step into the house they are almost half way in the living room. It's pretty hard to keep the mud out.

My first thought or reaction was to complain to my dear, sweet, wonderful child who is helping his dad clean the yard. Then I thought, how would Jesus want me to react? I looked down at Josh, smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll clean it up." and laughed. What else can I do. Laughing is a good thing.

The more the merrier.

Life would be way too boring without my children and their muddy shoes. I mean, what kind of lessons would I learn?

I thank the Lord, everyday for my children and even their muddy shoes! I actually prefer muddy feet because they are easier to clean. Right now the yard has lots of nails because of all the construction going on with the front house.

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