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Finished Math Mammoth 3 A & B

June of 2009 I switched Josh from Math-U-See to Math Mammoth. We loved MUS but he just wasn't getting it. You would think after completing Beta and Gamma twice that he would understand the concepts, but he was still making mistakes. I didn't want to move him to Delta if he was not understanding Gamma.

I had my eye on Math Mammoth, so I emailed Maria Miller and asked her where I should place Joshua. I had him take the 2nd grade placement test and emailed Maria with the answers he missed. I also let her know that I think he needs more practice with multiplication even though he completed Gamma twice. Her advice was to start with 3A. Have him work through 3A & 3B, 4A & 4B in his 6th grade year, work through the summer. In 7th grade complete 5A & 5B, 6A & 6B.

Yesterday, he completed his last page of MM 3B. Yahoo!!! He finished 3A/3B that was 282 pages. He started in the middle of June, skipped July because of our move, and continued from the middle of August-February 5th. I guess it took him about 6 months maybe 6 61/2. Monday he will start Math Mammoth 4A.

I have talked to Lupe, about Josh and math. We both think a lot of his 'not' getting it is he doesn't pay attention. His mind wonders and that is not a good thing. 

A few weeks ago I had to use the math sheet generator that comes with Math Mammoth for more review with his multiplications and he got 100% or missed one problem, he does understand. When I showed this to Josh, he was so excited and said that he really concentrated. 

I'm really not sure how to pin-point the problem. Josh, can't have a lot of noise around him. When he was little about five we went to the mall for lunch after church one Sunday. I remember him saying, there is too much going on. The noise and all the people. He would put his hand on his ears to block out all the noise (confusion). He also has a hard time with understanding the directions or following them. 

He is a smart child but with academics he has a hard time processing everything. It's the same with Phonics instruction. All those sounds would be too much for him when he was little. That is one of the reason why I stopped with his Phonics. Everything would get mixed up in his mind. Now that he is older he can sort the sounds out. He still has trouble with them, now that we are going over SWR for 'Spelling' I see how he still gets confused and mixed up. We are working on it and I know God will see us through.

I let him listen to a cd about Little Bear the frontier guy (it was not the cd shown here but wanted you to know who Little Bear is) because he had a hard time academically. He didn't learn how to read until he was thirteen years old. I think his teachers even told him he was stupid. He loved the out doors and now uses his talents to serve God, by teaching young boys wilderness skills.

I think it was good for Joshua, to hear this about Little Bear. Josh, does try and wants to learn. I will admit he is a challenge to teach. I get so frustrated with him sometimes. For example, we are trying to get through a spelling lesson. I say the word, read a sentence and say the word again. I'm ready to finger spell when he will ask a question or comment about the sentence I used. Who is so & so that you just quoted. Why did they say that. I'm like Josh, just spell the word.

I am so thankful that I am able to homeschool him. I can only imagine what labels the public school would give him. My dad was the same way and quit school because the system made him feel stupid and dumb which he is not. One of his gifts is storytelling. You should here the stories he tells my children they love it, but that's another post.

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