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Friday, was the day Annette, attends her sewing class at the church. This was her second time to attend. She learned more about fabrics. Next week they get to use the sewing machines. Miss. Nan, is an older lady at the church that has a heart to teach young ladies about Jesus through sewing. She is really sweet. She is actually the middle child of 11 children I think it was. Many of the girls in her class come from large families. We might be the smallest one there.

The boys and I dropped her off at church and we continued on to our favorite place. The coffee shop. Before we entered I told the children that I was going to purchase a coffee and a Pixie Stick for Annette (she gave me the money). I was not going to buy anything else. Then I reminded them not to touch anything. This coffee shop is no ordinary one. They sell lots of antiques.

As I entered the lady at the counter greeted us and said, "Everyone working here has agreed that your kids are the most well behaved kids we have seen."

I thanked her and we chatted a little. I told the children later what the lady said about them. I like to encourage them and remind them that their good choices are noticed. I let them know that they are the salt & light of this world. To let Jesus shine through you. Less of us, more of Him.

I always thank the person who compliments my children and let them know that it's very encourging to hear.

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