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Funny Brent

My dad enjoys telling stories to my children. Some are tall-tales. Like one Monday when he said he was going to kill the possum in his yard and bring the ribs on Thursday morning for me to cook up on Friday.

Friday morning I took the ribs out that my dad brought the day before and placed them on the counter. Brent, walked in and said, "Those look packaged." He looked a little bewildered.

At first I didn't get it but after a few seconds I realized that he remembered that on Monday Grandpa Joe mentioned the Possum ribs. I told Brent, "Guess Grandpa didn't get that possum after all."

Another funny saying from Brent. My dad was talking about his vacation that he was going to take to California. Later Brent, asked me, "Why do they call it Lost Angeles if it isn't lost?"

I told him it's Los Angeles.

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  1. hee..hee..So cute!! I love the picture too :-)


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