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Yesterday I was making dinner as the children were waking up from their naps. Annette, entered the kitchen, so I told her to make sure she had everything ready because AWANA is tonight. She is looking at me nodding her head and at the same time she opens the oven door, pulls out a pan and places it on the stove.

"Annette, Annette, what are you doing?" I ask. She just stares at me so I ask her again.

She finally snaps out of her grogginess and said, "I don't know. I need to use the bathroom." and she turned and left.

Today the temperatures was in the high fifties. A warm day for us. The children were outside riding their bikes and playing. Brent was selling lemonade that he made in his canteen. Ethan, came in and asked if I could cut an apple so he could sell the pieces. I think he sold them for two cents a piece.
Later I told Ethan, he could sell the rest of the donuts. We had five mini donuts left that grandpa brought for them earlier this morning.
I mentioned that he can't eat any, they are for his business. I also suggested that maybe he sell them for three cents each. He didn't like that. He said they would go too fast at that price. He than asked if I could cut them so he would have more. I asked, "Are you going to sell each half piece for two or three cents?"

"No", he said.

"For how much are you going to sell them for?" I inquired

"Five cents each." and he did. Each half piece of a mini donut was five cents. For a whole it would cost ten cents. I was surprised he sold them all. Annette didn't care for his prices but bought anyway.

We have been having wasp dropping from the sky in the backyard. I wonder if it's too cold for them. This has been happening throughout winter days. Weird.

Annette's Grandpa Joe, came by the other day and gave her this hat.

For those of you who know my dad, you also know that he is a die hard Viking fan! Has been since before I was born. To get Annette, a Cowboy hat is a BIG act of love for his sweet, wonderful granddaughter. I didn't even think I would be allowed to marry Lupe, becuase he was a 49's fan at the time (he is now a cowboy fan.)

Thanks dad!

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