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I'm Confused!!!

Why do I do this to myself! I was so sure of what to use for history, Bible, Read Aloud and Music then I start thinking (I'm thinking, I'm thinking.....did you watch Night at the Museum 2 ;)

Let me back up here. Ever since I started homeschooling I have wanted to use Sonlight Core-5. Quote from sonlight of what core-5 is about. "The mysterious Eastern Hemisphere. A place where 90% of the world's unevangelized people live and religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism have thrived for centuries. Core 5 presents the history, cultures and religions of this little known region of the world in a way that captivates the hearts of your children and prepares them for a life of service for the Lord."

I waited and waited. When he reached 5th grade I felt we were not ready for it because it's a very mature core. With all the other religions and sacrifices and such. I just didn't think he and the younger ones were ready.

Then we switched to textbooks for 5th and 6th grade and I decided we would finish up 7th and 8th grade with My Father's World American History Exploration to 1850 for 7th and 1850 to Modern times for 8th. I was listening to David Hazell (Mr. & Mrs. Hazell are the founder of MFWbooks.com) on cd and I like the way they presented American History. As they learn about how America came to be they see God's Awesome acts around the world and how He had a hand in America.
I also like the fact that we will study the book of James next year if we go with MFW Exp1850.

We (my family) can go one of two ways.

Plan A: Use Sonlight one year American History Core 3+4 for 7th grade. Use Sonlight Core-5 for 8th grade. Then move on to MFW for High School. This would get my beloved Core-5 in. The one I have been waiting for since Josh started Pre-K with sonlight.

Plan B: Use MFW Exp1850 for 7th grade and MFW 1850-Mod. for 8th. Continue to use MFW for High School. I think the Bible portion of both MFW programs can't be beat. They are really thorough with Bible.

I own My Father's World Exp1850 basic package. I still need to get the items from the extension and a few required items that are not included in the basic package. I also own about 75% of Sonlight Core-3+4. I would need to purchase the Guide and a few more books.

Edited to add that we are going to stick to our original plan and use MFW EXP1850. Going with plan B :) I'm no longer confused, thank goodness!

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