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Where is the Dr. Pepper?

It's been an I need a  Diet Dr. Pepper kind of day! A Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper at that!

Any of you homeschooling mama's ever feel like you teach and teach and teach but nothing is getting through? Well, I'm just having one of those days.

I know it's not true, but it just feels that way.


  1. the joys of February :) that is what you are experiencing!
    We are taking the next two days off, we've taken no snow days. I told myself in August that we would take off when I'd felt like each day was becoming one of those days.

    Hang in there Spring is coming!

  2. Hee..hee...your Josh sounds a lot like my Cena. And yes I have those days WAY to often..LOL. By the way, how blessed you are that LUpe is willing to take over the math with Josh.. :-)

  3. OK, we must be secretly related. I love Dr. Pepper :)

    Yeah, I have those days...those I want to beat my head into the white board kind of day.

    And GO LUPE!


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