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I love the song by Elvis called Memories. The only line I remember is "Memories pressed between the pages of your mind."

I pray that the children will have many wonderful memories of all that we do together.

My husband is so cute! Love hearing him talk with the children. Today after dinner he kept the four older kids attention for two hours talking about jobs, college, school, the importance of paying attention. It was wonderful.

The children would ask questions like, how many units do you need to be a Ranger, accountant, manager and so forth.

He told them how he would also go to college during the summer and was able to graduate with two degrees.

Some people would work all summer and save their money. They would would figure out how much they can spend from a month or week to make it last all year.
Others would work during college or on campus.

They talked about pacing yourself. You don't want to take too many classes because every class you take has homework. Chapters to read, essays to write.

My husband attended the Masters College. He told the children how he would go home on weekends to work for his uncle (two hour drive). Sunday on the way back to college he would go to In-N-Out Burger. Once in his dorm room he would sit on the floor, lean back on his bed, put his box on his lap and enjoy his burger and fries (In-N-Out burger puts your food in a box instead of a bag and has the best fries). He was so tired and that burger tasted so good. When done he would hit the books.

I had fun watching and listening.

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