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Missed Words

With using Phonics Road the goal is to get the children using the phonogram sounds to spell words. Instead of spelling every by saying e-v-e-r-y you want them to sound out and think ev-er-y. Think ever/i/. English words don't end in 'i' so substitute y.

When my children are still missing the words after I have dictated the words twice then I have them write it down three times. I don't like doing this because it's not the "think-to-spell" way. I kind of modified how we do this.

Today Brent, missed the word 'said' yesterday and today. This is after I told him the word comes from say, so think sayed when you spell it.

I wrote 'said' and told Brent, as he writes 'said' say, 'sayed', underline the ai and then say, 'said'. Did that make sense?

Here is another word he is having trouble with, 'most'. As he writes most, mark the 'O' while saying 'o' and 'i' may say their name before two consonants.

With the word 'why' underline 'wh' and say, "English words don't end in 'i' substitute with 'y'.

I hope that by copying the word three times and saying the rules will help him remember how to spell the words and tie it in with his phonograms and rules.

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