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More on CQLA

I wanted to write about the grammar portion of CQLA. My son needs more repetition to get things cemented in his brain. The average child may not need this but Josh does.

One week may concentrate on Adverbs but not enough for my son.

The numbers indicate the weeks.

  1. Week 1 Adverbs, sentence structure, speech tags
  2. Week 2 Adjectives & Contractions
  3. Pronouns, three types of sentences
  4. Subordinate clauses,
  5. Plural nouns, articles
  6. Possessive nouns, capitalization rules
  7. Subordinators & clauses
  8. Quotations & Speech tags, interjections
  9. Semi-Colon usage, Be, a Helper, Link Verbs
  10. and so forth...........................
CQLA does explain grammar very well. The child reads about adverbs. They do a work sheet to highlight them. Editor Duty, they correct spelling words and grammar. Josh, is only on the third month so I'll have to keep you updated. I'm just not sure if there is enough review for Josh. This is why I would like to add Daily Grams.  I think it would make the Checklist Challenge easier.

The Checklist Challenge is a neat part of CQLA but we are not using it to it's fullest.

The CC may have the child add an adverb to each paragraph, and an adjective, use a thesaurus to change a word, change a 'boring' verb in each paragraph to a 'strong' verb.

Since Joshua's grammar is weak we don't do all of the CC. I probably should take more time to help him with this.

Hope that helps a little. Hopefully as we continue I can write more about it.


  1. Hope you are feeling better.
    Thank you for posting more on CQLA, I've thought of using it. Still praying about it.

  2. I really like this program. If we do continue with this I hope to have Josh use the spelling notebook and do Editor Duty.
    I hope we get to use this next year. I'm still deciding if we should take a year off while we use The Bridge to the Latin Road next year and then continue with CQLA the year after.

  3. If he needs lots of repitition, you might want to check out Analytical Grammar. It is strictly grammar, but it will work wonders. My daughter had a horrible time with grammar until we used this, and then her grammar blew all the test off the charts!!! I highly recommend it. It won't take him but about 20 min a day. You go over it on Monday to make sure he understands and the rest of the week you just have to grade his work and go over mistakes; he takes a test on Friday. Check it out.


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