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My Fingers Are Frozen

It's 35 degrees but feels like 25 with 19 miles per hour winds. For those of you who have a washing and drying machine in the house, you are very blessed.

We have so much laundry because of the snow and slush that we have had here. My children's jackets are so dirty and they use twice as many clothes in snowy, slushy, rainy weather.

Not complaining here, just not sure if I'll remember this twenty years from now. Ya'know, to tell the children when they are all grown-up  and are not thankful for something. It's like the "I walked 20 miles in the snow to get to school" sort of thing or maybe it will be fun to read with my grandchildren. Who knows but worth remembering.

Linda<>< who so needs a hot cup of java

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  1. I lost your link on my Google Reader and had thought you weren't posting!

    It has been great to get caught up on your homes happenings! Wow, you got a lot of snow for you!

    I am very grateful for my wash machine and dryer. They are on the same level as our bedrooms which makes it very handy!

    Your science curriculum looks great!


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