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My Little Mama

Yesterday Lupe, took me out on a date. My dad watched the children. I made spaghetti for dinner.

Lupe, had a wonderful time. We ate Italian, watched Dear John (it was good. No bad language except for once the girl got angry and then they had to put a love scene. Those two thing ruined it) lastly Lupe, took me to Starbucks.

When we got home I was pleasantly surprised to find the kitchen all cleaned up. Even the dishwasher was running. Usually I come home to a messy house.

Dad, told me that Annette, is growing up. She took charge of the kitchen. She served her brothers, made sure they rinsed their dishes and put them in the dishwasher and gave them dessert.

My dad also told me that later Lance, said he was hungry. Annette, told him he already had his cookies for dessert. If he was still hungry he can have more dinner and she fixed him up another plate.


Josh and the boys helped too but my dad said, Annette, took charge.

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