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My Sweet Lance

Yesterday after we dropped the children off at church my husband and I headed to my dad's house. He is in California. We are checking his mail. On the way, I got really car sick. Couldn't wait to get out of the car. We finally got there and the fresh air felt so good. We only stayed for about ten minutes. Just enough time to check the mail and empty a bucket of water. My dad has a leak and Lupe, hasn't had time to get to fixing it yet.

On the way home I was so sick. My head was dizzy and my stomach queasy. We finally made it home. I thought I was going to have to head to the bathroom but I didn't. I decided to lie down on the bed and there I stayed. Lupe, picked up the children from AWANA.

Lance, was so kind. He got me a blanket and cut up a tomato for me. He used a Dixie butter knife. I don't know how he cut it with that but he did. He brought it to me in a small bowl. Later he brought me a bowl with broken pieces of an ice cream cone. Lastly, he cut up an apple. What a sweet little guy.

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