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Mystery of History

My friend Amity, suggested Mystery of History. Now why didn't I think of that? Back in the days (2003)......I was going to use MOH. That was when I use to make things complicated with combining a gazillion things. To think I owned the first two volumes.

FYI: For those of you who are going to order it soon there is an update of MOH Vol 1 coming to a theatre, bookstore near you! Here is a link.

My wheels are turning. I could add some of Simply Charlotte Mason books for extra reading (no pressure though). Letters From Egypt, Boy of the Pyramids, Jashub's Journal (use for read aloud only. Not the Bible Study portion, although it does look adaptable) and maybe throw in Outdoor Secrets and Jack's Insects for  a little science.

Now that looks doable. MOH can be read in the evening or we can listen to the audio cd too!

What to do with Joshua now? Sonlight 3+4 or My Father's World EXP1850?

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  1. That's pretty much what I am doing - MOH with extra SCM books added. I also like the activities targeted at different age levels which works really well with my varying ages of children. It helps to flesh it out for my older kids as they can go and do extra research but we are still basically all still studying the same topic.


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