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No Need To Read

Just writing my thoughts about what to use next year. Might be a bit boring to y'all or confusing, so feel free to skip.

My three choices for Bible, History & Geography for next year. Sonlight Core 3+4, My Father's World Exploration to 1850 or Simply Charlotte Mason Genesis through Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt Module 1.

My first thought was to use MFW EXP1850 for Joshua's seventh grade year. Use MFW 1850 to Modern Times for 8th grade. I planned to have him do most of the history reading on his own.

Annette, would use her own  American history program and I can use something with the four younger ones. I would love to start an Old Testament study with Caleb, Brent, Ethan & Lance.

As I think about having Josh & Annette using their own history and the younger ones study the Ancients, well, it looks like a bit much. I think I'd be able to handle it IF we were not using Spell to Write and Read, The Bridge to the Latin Road and The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading.

Although The Phonics Road covers all Language Arts for the younger children so it's not like they will have so many different workbooks.

The Bridge is a grammar program that the two older ones including myself need to take. I like that The Bridge does require mom to be there. I know my children will learn and it will prepare them for The Latin Road to English Grammar.

Those three time-consuming programs are non negotiable. They stay. Edited 2/11:(Um, they didn't stay. It was too much for this mama. I tried. What a difference a year makes. He,he.)

Because, I feel strongly about keeping them, it's making my Bible, History & Geography choices a bit more complicated.

If you're still with me.......to make things more simple I could use My Father's World EXP1850 with all my children. Although I'm still wondering when all the notebooking, timelines and such will fit in. Maybe make it a Friday thing or could be done on Monday since we don't do spelling on that day.

Another thing is I REALLY want to use Sonlight Core-5. Have since Josh, was in kindergarten.

Then we could all use Sonlight Core 3+4 (American History) Use Core-5 the following year with all the children (although the core is more for a mature audience) Have Josh, go on with his High School Studies and the rest of the gang can cycle back into MFW history cycle or Simply Charlotte Mason's cycle.

Those are my thoughts. Other things flying around in my head about school but I'll have to save that for another time. I need to pick Annette up from church. Today she had her sewing class.



  1. I have thoughts that swim around in my head. Choosing the curriculum with a large family is tough.

    Here let me muddy the waters a little bit more. Have you ever considered Tapestry of Grace. Several members of the TOS Crew have large families and they love it! The main reason they claim to like it is that you can use it easily with multiple levels.

    Your Sonlight 5 wish sounds a lot like my wish to one day use Winter Promise.

    I like it when you share your thoughts with

  2. Linda, I have thought of TOG but the site confuses me so and I'm not sure if I can afford it. Maybe I'll take another look.

    What year of WP are you looking at? I think I'll take a peek over there too ;)

  3. Ha..ha...You sound like me!! I want to do mystery of history (which I already have) but I also want to do MFW Exploring countries and cultures.....So I was thinking this next year to do the MFW and then the following year start Mystery of history..hmmm. I checked out tapestry of grace to and it seems confusing to me too....

  4. Amity, I just checked out TOG again and still don't get it. just the guide is so expensive and then the books....I'm off to look at MOH again. I owned the first two book way back when but have since sold them :(

  5. Oh gees..thanks alot guys ;-) I went and checked out Winter Promise and I am thinkin that their "Children around the world" is looking better than MFW.....Just what I needed more options...LOL. I am off to look at more of the WInter Promise stuff..it looks fun!! How come I never heard about this before? (probably better that way...hee...hee)

  6. Well, the MOH volume I would need for next year won't be out for another couple of years.

  7. Oops! Meant to say Vol4 won't be out. Hmmm...Vol 1 for the youngers is an idea......


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