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No School Today

I figure schools where shut down a few days here-and-there because of the Swine flu and below freezing temperatures, so today we are not having any school. Can you guess why?

My children are experienced snow-kids now. No more running out like a Californian. When we first moved out here we experienced our first snow. My children at the time were six and under were so excited that they all went outside in shorts and flip-flops.

I was like, "Dear, they are going to freeze!"

My Sweets, "They'll be back." and sure enough, not more than a few minutes they were all running back in the house.

We all had fun throwing snowballs at each other. Lupe, of course got us all.

Today, I was getting my coffee ready. Josh, Annette & Caleb were starting school when Caleb happened to peek out the window and say,  "It's snowing."
We all looked at him then out the window. School was out and the children were out too, outside that is.

My Sweets, would have loved to stay and have a snowball fight with them.

My compost is cold too.

Ethan, was about to run outside without a hat, gloves and his jacket opened. He was sleeping on the couch. The four older children were already outside. He heard the commotion and was ready to join in the fun! When I said,  "Stop! You need to button up your jacket, put a hat on and gloves."

He replied, "But I don't want to be too late."

We are still not exactly prepared for snow. We don't have long underwear. Their socks become very soaked.



I'll be back to add more pictures (Auntie Reff)

This little man is still sleeping.

Josh took a picture of me and said I have to post it. Here it is. Me in my pj's with no socks. Hee, hee. Here I am talking about the children.


  1. long underwear...Walmart :) Even in FL we had to get some this year. I'm sooo cold!

  2. How fun!! You should send a few snowballs my way ;) Here it's been raining on and off...but today is beautifully sunny! Mornings are cold...gotta wear layers so that you can peel them off as the sun breaks through.


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