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Nothing Much Done

Well, I didn't accomplish too much today. Annette, took her Christian Light Language Art's test today and scored 94%. That's the best score so far. The last two Light Units she scored 90%.

Brent, started a new math book today. Counting Numbers with Spunky Bk 2. He finished the first book. He started using this math program last year but I switched him to Math Mammoth over the summer. He keeps going back to his Spunky math book though, so I thought we'll just stick with it until he finishes it. He is more of a workbook type kid anyway. I'm wondering if he'll ever return to Math Mammoth. He seems more interested in Christian Light Education. I think he likes the whole workbook look.

I'm sure Brent, would love to do another year of Spunky, but there is no Spunky level 3.


  1. hey there!! Just wanted to let you know that I ordered The phonics road today...YAY!!! I ordered it from a place called adoremus books,the shipping was cheaper and faster than the phonics road website AND I did a search and found a coupon code for 10% off!! Sorry..I just had to share with someone and your the only one that understands my excitement..LOL.

  2. Amity, do share, I need links and coupon codes :) How exciting. Hey, I'm sorry I haven't got back to you about WP & MFW regarding their Geography programs. Both were so good in their own way. I liked some resources from each program. Now they have both been updated. I'm leaning towards WP. You should email WP and ask for some of their map and geography samples. Those are new.

  3. Oh sure, the link is www.adoremusbooks.com and the coupon code is AD10 :-)

    Yeah..I think I am leaning more toward WP too...hhmmm..

  4. Hee...hee..I had to chuckle about the impulse buy I do that WAY more often than I should. Something sounds super good and I am like yeah I am going to buy it right away, order it , get it an dchange my mind. I am getting better though...I thought very hard and long about the phonics road and the Apologia science that I am starting next week with the kids.


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