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Phonics Road Level 1

Brent and Caleb are on week 23 of Phonics Road. Yesterday I dictated all the words in their student binder. Today I dictated the words again in their composition book. My boys are older than the average bears for level 1 but they seem to need the practice. As I've mentioned we are pretty much going at regular pace.

After I dictated the sentence we read all the words. I then dictated a sentence with week 23 words. Once we went over the sentence I had Caleb, think of a sentence and they both wrote it. The sentence was "The girls forgot meat for supper." We went over capitalization and punctuations.

Brent's, sentence was 'The girls forgot to hang the mouse.' As you can see they need more practice with original sentences. I haven't been consistent with this part of the program. From now on I'm going to have them do this twice a week.

Here is Brent's 'Sentence Page'

Looks like I need to pay more attention to his writing. I found a few mistakes that were not corrected as I was posting this.

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