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Put This On Your Blog Mom

Today Ethan said, "Mom, take a picture of me to put on your blog."

Here is the pictures I took. The dark orange spot is rain water. He was riding his bike and his jacket was not all the way zipped up.

His cute hands.

He is working on his Math using Math Mammoth.

Yesterday was AWANA. I usually make a quick dinner. Spaghetti, hot dogs or breakfast dinner. I decided to make scrambled eggs. I use a breakfast starter and everyone enjoys this. Well, almost everyone. Annette, prefers her eggs over easy.
I am thankful that we are able to purchase fresh eggs from a co-worker where my husband works. I thought I would snap a picture of these beautiful eggs.

I also wanted to show how pretty the yelks (yolk) look.

When I realized that the eggs where shaped like a heart, so of course I had to take another picture. The flash lightened the yelks (sorry, I'm having fun with that word).

My kids think I'm funny. Every time they see me with the camera they laugh and say, "It's for your blog."

Josh even says, "Mom, don't put that picture on you blog please."

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