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Regarding School

Well, I think I might have our school figured out for next year.

Josh, will use MFW Exp1850. This consist of Bible, History and Music. He will do most of the reading. The Bible portion we will all do together. Science he will use Sonlight 5. Learning about the body, survival and some computer skills.
Language Art I'm still deciding. I do know he will use The Bridge for grammar. I'm still up-in-the air about using Character Quality Language Arts mainly for his writing. I do like that the grammar portion of CQLA will reinforce what he is learning with using The Bridge. I hope Josh, will be able to utilize Editor Duty.
For math he will continue with Math Mammoth. Hopefully finish 5A/B &

Annette, will use some parts of EXP1850 along with Oak Meadow 5. I like the writing assignments in Oak Meadow but I think Exp1850 will round it out. I'm not sure if I will have, Annette continue with Meaningful Composition. OM has lots of writing. I might have her use  Book Reports a One Year Course from The Father's Books. Then have her use CQLA in 6th grade and continue from their with regards to writing.
Science, she will use Sonlight 5 with Josh. Bible will all do together using MFW EXP1850. We will study the book of James. Can't wait!
Math she will use Christian Light 5 (hopefully, she is finishing up CLE Math 3 and will continue through the summer and finish CLE4)

Caleb and Brent will use The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading Level 2 for grammar, writing, phonics, spelling & reading. I'm almost certain I will start Mystery of History with them. Nothing to complicated. Just use MOH and add some read aloud books as time permits. They will continue to listen to audio books.
Science, will be audio books, books regarding Texas flowers, trees & birds. I will use two books from Simply Charlotte Mason; Jack's Insects & Outdoor Secrets.
Caleb will use CLE for math and Brent, might use Math Mammoth or CLE. I'll let him pick which route he wants to go. He is more of a workbook type kid. I'm thinking he might want to use CLE.

Ethan & Lance, will use The Phonics Road to Spelling & English and listen in on older siblings history & science.

All will continue with Talking Fingers for typing and reinforce phonics rules. Continue to learn about outdoor survival, roping, knife and tomahawk throwing. Maybe Annette, will get to take her sewing class at church again.

That's our plan for next school year. Still praying about it. I'm so thankful to the Lord, for giving me the opportunity to homeschool my little brood. I love them so much! I can't imagine them being away from me for eight 8+ a day.

Here is a picture of the children having fun in the snow. We were blessed with six inches. Just enough to have fun, but not too much where we have to shovel. I love Texas!


  1. Sounds like a great plan!! I was planning on my post up about we are doing for school next year on Monday...I think I got it all figured out...finally. I love reading all about your homeschooling journey...you are such an inspiration for me. I am ever so thankful that you are my friend :-)

  2. Amity, can't wait to read your planning post! I love to read what others are using.

    Thank you for your kind word, I do value your friendship as well. We still have a two bedroom apt. for rent:) It's an upstairs one though. Not fun lugging groceries up, oh, and the laundry has to be done outside, but you can use mine in the front house while we have a cup of coffee together.

  3. Sounds very well thought out! I'm impressed to see you are thinking about it already. My DH and I just started this conversation for our children for next year. Let us see where the Lord leads us.

  4. Hi, Crystal, yes, getting ready for next year helps me get through this school year ;)
    Usually by Feb. or March I need something to boost me to finish the year. Getting ready for the next helps.
    We just keep chugging along :) A good chugging that is!
    How old are your boys?


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