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Still Snowing

My Ethan, is a cutie pie. He is a challenge to raise but has a smile that melts my heart. I can stare at him all day. Here he is ready to go out and throw some snowballs. He wanted to wear goggles to protect his eyes. I did tell them not to throw at the face but you know, one slips here and there.

Today I made a delicious fruit salad. Very simple. Only three ingredients.

Apples, blueberries and vanilla yogurt. The children really enjoyed it.

 I joined a Farmers Market co-op with some families at church. It's a good thing because it is forcing me to use more fresh vegetables and fruit. Every two weeks it's like getting a grab-bag.
This week there were oranges, apples, broccoli, green onions, cauliflower, blueberries, lots of leafy green lettuce and red bell peppers.

I still have oranges, apples, fresh spinach and mushrooms from the last box.

Today I new I had to use the broccoli. I still had some left from two weeks ago and got some more yesterday. I made Cheesy Broccoli & Mushroom Cream Soup. The first time I have ever made a cream soup. Came out pretty good too.

Annette & Ethan love the red bell peppers.

Tomorrow I'm going to try Cauliflower Soup, since I'm a first timer maybe I'll use thie one instead. Looks more simple.

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  1. Bobby loves red bell peppers too! I'm gonna have to share with him that Annette and Ethan are fans of the red pepper. :)

    Your soup looks yummy!! Wish I could have tried it.


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