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Still Thinking

Ok, I'm still thinking about next year for my four younger. The most simplest way to go would for all of them to use MFW EXp1850 with Josh.

  • EXP1850-Exploration to 1850
  • 1850MOD- 1850 to Modern Times
  • CtG- Creation to the Greeks
  • RtR- Rome to Reformation 

It will look something like this.

  1. EXP1850 with Josh 7th, Annette 5th, Caleb 4th, Brent 3rd, Ethan 2nd & Lance K
  2. 1850Mod-Josh 8th, Annette 6th, Caleb 5th, Brent 4th, Ethan 3rd & Lance 1st
  3. CTG-Annette 7th, Caleb 6th, Brent 5th, Ethan 4th, Lance 2nd
  4. Sonlight Core-5- Annette 8th, Caleb 7th, Brent 6th, Ethan 5th, Lance 3rd
  5. RtR-Caleb 8th, Brent 7th, Ethan 6th & Lance 4th
  6. EXP1850 Brent 8th, Ethan 7th & Lance 5th
  7. 1850Mod-Ethan 8th & Lance 6th
  8. CtG- Lance 7th
  9. RtR-Lance 8th
I think something like this might work. I like that Caleb and the younger boys will be older when the reach CtG. 

Although I do like The Mystery of History option


  1. Linda, these are pretty big cores that may consume a lot of time. I understand that you want to keep the spelling as is and that is important to you, then maybe something like Mystery of History for the whole gang might be practical. Just a thought! :)

    I really like Mystery of History. I have it and had to choose for my little guy for next year as well. It was between MOH and SOTW 1. We have only done American History up until now and if I have to read one more story about Christopher Columbus, I'll just die. :)

    I think we are decided in SOTW 1 with oral and some written narrations. I also like the idea that you gave me of purchasing the audio SOTW and maybe just listening to it as a family. I'm not sure if I can afford it yet, though, so it's still just an option.

    My older son is in highschool and works independently so it's just me and the little guy--soon to be 4rth grader, but still, I can't let his day consume me because my highschooler will need me with Algebra 2 and writing assignments.

    Keep writing it all out and eventually the plan will get easier to choose. That's what I kept doing until I woke up the other day and it all finally came together.

    Many Blessings! I think you always do a great job choosing and you are blessed with a beautiful family and a wonderful husband! Your marriage gives mine hope!

    Much Love in Christ,


    ps could you write a post all about CQLA. I've really been interested in this, but haven't read much about it. If you want to email me and not post about it, you could.


  2. Thanks Dee, I'm thinking, I'm thinking. You got a point about the time the cores take since I do want to continue with PR & The Bridge.
    I'll have to go back and look at the MOH option again.
    I was hanging out at the MFW website drooling over the CtG and RtR. They look so good.
    I would like to keep Josh with all the others but he's so tired of the Ancients and the Old Testament. He wants to move onto the New Testament. Poor guy.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you are using.
    I have been meaning to blog about CQLA. I'll do that soon ;)
    Blessing to you and your family,

  3. Also, Linda, I wanted to give you some hope with your Josh, I have a Josh too! :) I discovered that my oldest son, Adam, was mildly dyslexic at much around the same time you are discovering some spelling problems with your Josh.

    I made sure that our core subjects were simple and easy to implement and for 3 years I focused on improving spelling. I say I did that, but I prayed diligently and sought Him first and I know the Lord has been faithful.

    First I used Tatras and taught him all the phonograms--much like you are doing now. He learned those very quickly and then we moved on to improving reading fluency. From there I moved to spelling by using a varitey of programs. We used sequential spelling for 3 years and went through megawords books 1-8 in 3 years. All the while I worked on writing skills, spelling skills, and vocabulary and the pronunciation of more difficult vocabulary of multi-syllabic words.

    I wanted to encourage you not to give up. Today Adam is in the 9th grade and writing so beautifully compared to where he was coming from. He is also reading unabridged classics and understanding them with ease, even analyzing a few on his own. God has been faithful. Oh he will never be a great speller, but at least every other word is not misspelled now. The years of focusing on that weakness paid off.

    You keep going as the Lord leads you! He will be faithful to equip you in the process. Mathew 6:33 has been our motto for years.

    Much love and blessings,

    Dee in Sunny FL!

    ps Can't wait for that post...Oh, I'm so tempted; it's on sale! hehe...

  4. Sorry I just saw you comment about MOH..Yeah it is pretty inclusive, it only requires like 2 or 3 other things such as an Atlas. She does have a list in the back of "optional" resources but you don't have to have them.
    So I was checking out Winterpromise adn it seems really neat..kinda like SOnlight except with projects and activites. YOu have used winterpromise before haven't you? What do you think of it? I was thinking of getting the children around the world one for next year!!!

  5. OH hey, I was just thinking that if you wanted to use MOH vol 1 for the next school year I would be happy to let you use mine. I won't be using it till the year after next...as I either want to use MFW exploring countries and cultures or Winterpromise "children around the world".

  6. Ok after this I will leave you alone;-)

    Gabriela is going to be 5 in April..I was wondering if I should just start her off with "The Phonics Road" this coming fall. Do you think she will be ok using it or do I need to wait?


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