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Taco Soup

My friend Gloria, from church made Taco Soup for us one Saturday. We showed up at her boys Hockey game and after the game they invited us to their house for dinner.

It's a simple & delicious. All my children loved it.

Here is what you need:

1lb ground beef (we like it with more)
2 cans Ranch Style Beans (This is where you can cater it to your family. There are ones with more chili, sweet onions or plain)
Ro*Tel Chunky Tomatoes (10oz) Some are very hot, others are not it's up to you.

One 15 oz can each of: (again cater to your family. If you like more of one add more or less or omit all together)

Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Baked Beans
Pinto Beans
Diced olives (3.8oz)
Packet of chili seasoning
Packet of Ranch Dressing Packet (add or not)

Fritos, Cheese & Sour Cream

Brown the beef, drain, add all the other ingredients and simmer for an hour. If you don't have an hour that's okay. It still taste great! When at Gloria's house we just ate it once everything was warm.

Gloria, also said if she didn't have RoTel tomatoes she would add Salsa or omit it all together. My husband does not like tomatoes but he is okay with them in soups and such. What else did she say......Gloria if I missed anything feel free to leave a coment.

This fed 12 kids and 4 adults, some had seconds too;) When I made it at home we had enough for two dinners.



Ooops! Forgot to add a picture of the finished product. We were too hungry to wait!



  1. Hi,

    I plan on making the Taco Soup recipe tonight. Should I drain or keep the juice from each can?

    Corey ~

  2. Corey, don't drain the cans. Put juice and all in. Hope you like it! It's a big hit here.

  3. Hi,

    I read the recipe again and figured it out on the Ranch Style Beans question I asked you. We look forward to trying this recipe.
    I read your blog almost daily. We homeschool and I learn a lot of ideas from you. Love your blog!

    Thank you, Corey ~

  4. Corey, thanks for your kind words. What ages are you dc? Love to hear from folks who read my daily happenings;) I have made some great friends through blogging.


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