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We Are All Alone

We are all alone on our property. Kinda scary. I was telling Lupe, what if I hear footsteps upstairs. Lupe, said it's all those horror movies I use to watch when I was young. Yup, he is right. I didn't like watching them but was too scared to leave. What if 'Jason' was in my closet. I was so freaked I wouldn't let any part of my body hang off the bed.

I got sidetracked. I'm suppose to be writing about being all alone. We, I mean my husband is still working on the front house. We can't move forward until he puts in the bathtub and something in the kitchen. Can't recall what it was. Oh, he has to put some windows in before the electrician and plumber can come back and finish.

The family who lived upstairs moved out this weekend. They found a little house to rent. Here we are all alone on our property.

I would love to use the upstairs apartment for school. I was telling Lupe, we can put all our school stuff there. We have lots of books. Anyway, my Sweets kindly reminded me that renting the apartment will pay for my braces. Oh well, it was a nice thought. I asked him to pray about it. I would love to have the yard all to ourselves. I miss the privacy.

If my sister MaryEllen moved out from California.....

My Sweets is one busy man. He has two houses and an apartment to get ready. Our front house, my dad's and the upstairs apartment.

Thankfully we live here because if we didn't we would not be able to afford some help. (and that nice Yellowstone vacation we took in September)

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