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What to Write About

Can you believe I am not sure what to write today. Hee, hee. That's rare!

Hmmm.........what's going on here. Lance and Josh are coughing. Eeeeks! Not a good thing. Need more Berry Well.

My dad and brother are here. Lupe & Dad is watching the game and my brother is playing board games with Brent, Annette & Caleb. Lance, is playing a game of Risk on the computer. Josh & Ethan are also watching some of the game.

I can't stand many of the commercials. The advertisements for movies are awful. We usually change the channel. They show all those horror movie clips.

I have some Taco Soup simmering on the stove. I'll have to post the recipe. Maybe I'll do that right now. My friend Gloria, from church emailed me the recipe (we had it at her house and it was yummy!). I was going to print it off to make sure I added everything. I didn't want to waste ink or paper so I was deleted what didn't pertain to the recipe and I accidentally deleted the recipe. Thank goodness I took a picture of most of the ingredients the last time I made it. Hopeless blogger I know! I take pictures of everything just in case I want to blog about it later. Embarressing!

Oh, I almost forgot I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Yum!

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