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Almost Done With PR

Before lunch I finished Phonics Road. Today we had the word 'try'. We added a vowel suffix 'ed' to it. I sang the rule tune and the children were able to correctly change the 'y' to and 'i' before adding 'ed'. Now, I don't know if they will remember that in their writing but it was fun. We were singing a lot of tunes today. We finished the first half of week 28.

I can't afford to purchase level two yet and we'll be done with level 1 in three  or four weeks. I'm thinking we'll review until I can get level two. If anything I can use SWR.

You know, I've been talking to God about this and I'm okay if I can't continue with PR, sad but okay. Although I still have plenty of time to save but I think the lesson is to be content with what I have.

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  1. It's a good lesson to learn, isn't it? I'm trying to learn it myself here. I was thinking if I couldn't afford the Rosetta Stone, I would be happy with an old Powerglide Spanish that I own. It won't be as good as Rosetta Stone, but if God really wants him to learn Spanish, he will learn it, and if not, he will at least have been exposed to it for two years.

    I find that once the contentment comes in, the blessing is not that far. ;) I know you will do fine with whatever you use for them because of your heart and your commitment to see it through! From what I hear, they are both excellent programs, so you can't go wrong.

    Buenas Noches,



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