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Annette and Megawords

Yesterday we recieved Megawords in the mail. Annette, is so excited. I think spelling is one of her favorite subjects. She likes the challenge of new words and it helps that she learns them quickly.

Currently she is using SWR but since I combined her with Josh, it's a bit slow going for her. She wanted more. Thus the reason for Megawords.

To figure out where to place her in book 1 I gaver her the Accuracy Checklist quiz/test. The Accuracy Checklist test reading and spelling

There are 8 list of words. Each list consist of five words. If she gets all five correct her score is 5/5. If she missed three then you would put 3/5. She gets one score for reading and one for spelling. Your score for reading can be 5/5 and spelling 3/5. She spells & reads the same words.

Here is how she scored. The numbers are the list.

  1. Compound Words-Reading 5/5, Spelling 5/5
  2. VC/CV Closed Syllables-Reading 4/5, Spelling 5/5
  3. "        " Closed Syllables & Silent-e- Reading 3/5, Spelling 5/5
  4. VC/CV  Closed & r- Controlled Syllables-Reading 4/5, Spelling 5/5
  5. V/CV-Reading 4/5, Spelling 5/5
  6. VC/V-Reading 5/5, Spelling 4/5
  7. /Cle-Reading 5/5, Spelling 5/5
  8. V/V-Reading 3/5, Spelling 2/5
From what I gather with spelling she can start with list 6. With Reading Accuracy she would start with list 2.

I thought she did well but Annette, was a bit upset. I said, "Annette, you missed 4 spelling words out of 40. With reading you only missed 7. You did great."
The test concentrated on how many she got correct, Annette, only saw what she missed. Oh, that girl of mine.

The only problem I have with her not starting from the beginning is she doesn't know syllabication rules.

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