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Yesterday I went to the Orthodontist and had these metal, ringy things or what they call bands put on my back teeth. They look like rings. They stretched my mouth so much that I thought they were going to rip at the corners. No fun I tell ya! They pushed and pulled and twisted to get those things on. Then they had to put glue to make them stay in place. When they put glue your teeth have to be dry. More "no fun".

When I got home Ethan said, "Do you have a tooth like me now?" Out of all my children Ethan, got the first cavity in the family and hopefully the last. That is what he was referring to because they filled it and it looks like a metal cap on his tooth.

I'll put a picture of him here today. Yesterday Ethan, had me take a picture of himself and asked if I was going to post it to my blog. I'll be back to edit.

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