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The Bathroom

Last week, Lupe, was showing me how the bathroom was coming along. We were both standing and admiring the walls, the bathtub and the little space where we will put our washer and dryer; when I looked and said, "Um, Dear, how are we going to get our front-loading washer and dryer through that narrow door-way?" Lupe, looked at me and I am him, what could we do but laugh! We could have cried but that's not good for the liver, so laughing seemed much better.

My dear, wonderful, patient husband who finished putting in the floor, textured the walls and had the light plate/wiring already put in; undid the floor, tore parts of the frame down, redid the frame work, took the wiring out and widened the the doorway. Yesterday he put everything back together (except the wiring, we hired someon to do the wiring).

The way we see it, it could have been worse. We could have discovered the entry way was too narrow the day we were suppose to move in, but God is good. He brought it to our attention before the move-in date.

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