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Bed Wetting

Last night at midnight I woke my son to go potty. He is always so out of it. He is a very deep sleeper.

I took him to the bathroom. I go in now. A few nights ago he sat on the potty without lifting the lid. I was like, "Get up!"

I act like I'm flossing or something. He just stands there rubbing his nose. He does this every time. He smashes that nose. I think his nose itches from allergies.

After a while I ask him if he needs to go. He looks at me and mentions that he needs to do something outside. He picks up the stepstool. I think he thought he had to do the laundry because that is his job in the day.

He starts saying that he has to go outside. He walks out of the bathroom with the stepstool, sets it on the couch on top of sleeping Ethan (Ethan, is sleeping on the couch). He continues rambling that he has to go outside. Finally he goes back to the bathroom. I ask him again if he needs to go. He said something but I'm not sure. He leaves again, goes to the living room, starts going through the laundry pile. I think he was looking for his Jacket. I ask him if he needs to go. He sits on the couch rocking like he has to go. Finally he goes back to the bathroom and goes potty.

I take him back to bed and tuck him in. He is sleeping on the floor. My children much prefer the floor over their beds.

I didn't take him at 2:00 a.m. The alarm went off but I was so tired. I felt bad and prayed that he wouldn't pee his bed.

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