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Bored Yet With My Thoughts? I'm Thinking, I'm Thinking....

Well I'm trying to figure out our curriculum, you'll have to bear with me here. I don't think I can hide or make these post invisible, so as not to torture you all. Writing things down keeps my thoughts in order. I could write on notebook paper but blogging is more fun!

My goal for Josh is to get him ready for The Latin Road to the English Language to use in 8th grade.

Joshua's current grade: 6th. Next year: 7th. One year to get him grounded in Grammar.

This year we used:
  • Character Quality Language Arts to cover grammar & writing
  • Spell to Write & Read for spelling and reinforce phonics (covert operation)
Why not just continue with CQLA and SWR? I would love to continue with CQLA because it has everything I'm looking for. My only concern is Joshua, needs more grammar. I don't think CQLA lacks grammar but the way it's presented for Josh. If I would have had him use it in 5th grade and 6th grade with some practice of Daily Grams I think he would have been ready. That one year does make a difference.

I also think that having his Language Arts subjects separated will help him. His brain seems to like to process one concept at a time. I think having him only do Grammar for a half hour, then only Writing for half our or so would give his brain time to shift to the next subject, rather then going back and forth.

Because I do like CQLA so much I was thinking of maybe combining it with Analytical Grammar.

I could use Junior Analytical Grammar in the summer. Use Analytical Grammar the first term in September. The first term is 10 weeks. I would put CQLA away and go through AG for 10 weeks, then start CQLA. I thought great, I'm all set. The extra grammar he would learn with JAG and AG would give him a boost. But then I remembered my goal. To get him ready for The Latin Road. The whole idea of using AG was, instead of taking three years to finish, if we can swing it have him finish it in a year and a half to lay a firm foundation for.....yup, The Latin Road.

Okay, here is the plan as I see it today. Hee, hee.
  1. This summer use JAG for 11 weeks.
  2. September use AG first 10 weeks
  3. February do weeks 11-17
  4. Next summer do weeks 18-34
or use AG in the summers and use Saxon Grammar through out the year. I see nothing wroing with over teaching.

Maybe we can come back to CQLA for 8th grade.

You know, with my younger children life is going to be a bit too easy. Here is their schedule.

Use Phonics Road, once done move onto CQLA or Saxon Grammar. I would like them to use AG somewhere in there to see how well they learned grammar with Phonics Road. That will be interesting. Won't be able to report back for another seven years.

Back to Joshua's school. My problem is I keep trying to figure out away to fit CQLA in next year. I would still like to purchase it to look it over and dream.

Joshua's 7th grade:
  1. Writing The Father's Books-Essays and Research Reports Level A (I think once I see it, I can make my final decision with regards to writing) If Saxon Grammar works I might not use this. Again, I need to see it. Looks really good though.
  2. Spelling-continue with SWR and Apples Daily Drills. I'm seeing improvement with him using both of these.
  3. Grammar- Saxon Grammar
So there you have it. After weeks of writing my thoughts down, bouncing them back and forth I think I have his Language Arts covered. If Essay and Research Reports does is not what I'm looking for than I'll use Meaningful Composition.

With regards to CQLA I like that copywork is included, the child works with the same passage all week, character quality woven in, vocabulary is included, grammar is explained very well, writing is step by step, no guessing what you are to do.

Maybe the children will appreciat all the research, thought and time I spent trying to cater school to their specific needs when they read this ten years from now.


  1. I love seeing your thoughts..LOL. It helps me to think through my thoughts. Man I am still so confused on the history thing...I am thinking...WInterpromise is expensive and maybe that money could go to more practical areas like life skills and more art and music stuff. So I could go with MFW ...but then again I could just get started with Mystory of History....jeesh..I am so lost it is not even funny, good thing I have plenty of time to figure it out...LOL>

  2. Oh, good, I'm not alone. Hey Amity you should blog your thoughts too. I need to read someone else's. I feel like I'm the only one who goes through this and you all think I'm a cook ;)
    FWIW go with MOH. WP & MFW are great choices but if your children accelerate through PR you might need the extra cashola :)

    So, how is PR going? Have you wrapped your fingers around it some?

  3. There really needs to be an edit button. Gees! I meant kook not cook.

  4. Yeah...good point about the PR....guess I hadn't though about that..LOL. Please don't think I am horrible but I didn't do any school last week and I didn't even get a chance to watch the DVD. My tooth started hurting WORSE on wednesday, Thursday and Friday it was excruciating...I hardly did anything except the basics. I thought maybe I shouldn't do school with the kids when I was in such intense pain lest I loose my cool ;-) It is still painful now but bearable...Gilbert wanted us to hold off on school one more day so we could get the house back in order, the upstairs looked like a tornado went through it...yikes!! So anywhoo I just got my PR DVD out and I am going to watch it right now....hey stop laughing I really am ...hee..hee.


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