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Burned the Beans

I have been wasting my day away watching Molly the owl and Phoebe the humming bird. I even burned my pot of beans. Yikes! How do you burn beans. We had Enchiladas with rice only.

Today the children finished most of their school early. They played army outside. The weather has been so nice. They are even doing push-ups out there. Hope the neighbors don't think I'm having some kind of boot camp with my children. Ya'know how some think children are so delicate these days.

Ethan, showing how he got the knife stuck. (yes, they are supervised)

Ethan said, "I got that in and I'm 7yrs. and this was my first time"

Joshua, got a 100% on his spelling test today. That was exciting!!!


  1. WE had enchiladas too!!
    So I went to start the PR and I guess I didn't check my stuff too well as I realized that one of the Apprentice Manuals had the teachers building code sheets instead of the students...I called the company and the lady was like, "oh well we will just send you another book" I was like, Uuuummm..are you sure you can't just send me the missing section (thinking that it is really expensive) and she was like "no, we will just send you another book" So she is setting it up and than she goes " oh..wow..this is expensive, we can't do that"...LOL. So to make a long story short they are making me copies and sending them out. Not to be picky but I hope they are good copies and have the 3 holed punch. NOt that I would care but since it is SO expensive I want my moneys worth...LOL. Oh and one of the red markers was missing, they can't send me that though (no biggy I can pick one up). So anyhow I taught the first lesson today and everything went well and the kids thought it was fun..I hope they think that later on..hee..hee.

  2. Amity, I would want a good quality copy too. I'm not one to make a big hoot about it either though. We're too nice (a good thing right!)I wonder why they couldn't send you a maker. To tell you the truth though, we don't use the clipboard too much. I don't even know where they are.

  3. Enchiladas are the only mexican dish I can make well. LOL.


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