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I didn't get to blog today. Lupe, stayed home from work today. We both didn't get to bed the night before until three a.m. I'll have to write about it tomorrow.

My dad came to visit. He shared about his visit to CA. He said it's too fast paced for him now. It is for me too. I'm glad I don't not live in California (nothing personal but I'm a Texan now and I like the slower pace here, just thinking of L.A traffic....). We miss our family and friends though.

My Sweets is so kind. He brought home some Land O Lakes whipped cream from Costco for me. I wanted to ask him for some but know it's a bit expensive so I didn't. I was pleasantly surprised. It's little things like this that make me feel special. Doesn't take diamonds to make this mama happy. Just bring the Land O Lake whipped cream :o)


  1. What??!! You’re a Texan now? Bummer, there goes my hope of the Beltran clan returning to California :(

  2. Yummm....I enjoy Land O Lakes Whipped cream on my coffee every morning :) It's a fake coffee from Costco, too...Cafe De Vita or something like that.


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