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Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA)

I'm still deciding what to do regarding Character Quality Language Arts. Should I have both Annette & Josh use it along with The Bridge to the Latin Road or skip a year and use Meaningful Composition instead.

I like that if using CQLA it would reinforce some grammar. I'm also wondering if it would be too much. Although the grammar in CQLA doesn't take that long to complete.

Right now CQLA is on sale for $59.00. Meaningful Composition would cost $62.00 for the year. With CQLA I can always omit things and still have everything! I might just go with CQLA for both. If we end up skipping things I won't feel so guilty because it cost less then the writing program alone. At least for the month of march.

March, everyone is having their March Madness sale. I can't afford all the sales in one month! Hee, hee. Got to make decisions.

Edited to add that I'm so silly, Annette's history program already has writing included. I was going to have her use The Father's Book to give more instruction on writing. I think it will help here with the writing from her history program. I didn't want to use Meaningful Composition because it would be too much. Thank goodness I didn't order CQLA today. Phew! 

Also, if CQLA is too much for Josh, because of The Bridge, I'll most likely have him use The Father's Book as well. It will actually be less expensive if I do that. I'm praying and asking Lupe's advice.

If I do have Josh & Annette use TFB's writing program; maybe they can come back to CQLA the year after. I hope to use CQLA with the rest of the children once they complete all four levels of The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading.

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