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I don't know what it is, but when I correct Annette's school work and try to help her correct it, she gets upset. Last week she was having trouble with decimals and multiplication. I asked Lupe, if he could explain the decimals to her and I'll go over the multiplication. I told him that she gets upset with me.

Here she is with dad. He went over at least six lessons with her. They were happily laughing and such. Huh? With me it would have been all struggles.

She does fine with doing all her schoolwork, it's just when I correct it. Maybe it's a mother daughter thing.
I wanted to blog a little more about what Annette did in Geography today but I don't feel well. Need to rest.

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  1. That's how it is in my house but it's the opposite. With me they are very receptive, if it's with my husband, they are resistant and somewhat combative! LOL!

    Hope you feel better! There is a little flu bug going around, hopefully it won't bite you.

    praying for you!



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