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Last Night

I don't know what happened but I was feeling sick. My head hurt real bad and my stomach and head both felt dizzy.

I was falling a sleep during our read aloud time so I took 20 minute a nap before blogging. When I woke that's when my head really started hurting. It was pounding.

I put the children down for naps and decided to write a quick post. Then my head started feeling dizzy as well and my stomach too.

Annette and Brent were taking their nap in my room, so I decided to lie down on the couch. Very uncomfortable because Ethan, was on the other end and the couch arms where hard. Was too tired to find a pillow.

Lupe, called at 4:30 p.m. while I was in and out of my sleep. I told him I wasn't feeling to good. He said he'll fix dinner tonight. Since he wouldn't be home until past 6:00 p.m.  I had the children ride their bikes outside to keep them from thinking about food. Eventually the two little ones were getting hungry. I told them to bring the Saltine crackers to me and we munched on those.

Caleb, would come and check on me to see if I needed anything and Brent covered me with his blanket.

When Lupe, got home I went to the room. Annette, joined me. I asked her if she could read the Bible to me. She decided on Proverbs. A bit later she went to the kitchen to get something. I heard her say, "It's smokey in here dad!"
Her dad replied, "It's the sign of a good cook."
That made me laugh. He was making bacon and pancakes.

After supper, Annette read some more. The children watched some of the history channel while Lupe & Annette, went to Home Depot. At 9:00 I had them go to bed and Lupe, came home fifteen minutes later. I watched a lesson of The Phonics Road. My Sweets, did some research online then cleaned up the kitchen for me. That was a real blessing because I thought I would have to clean it up in the morning.

I'm feeling better this morning. Thanks for asking, Dee.

A picture of Lance, drinking a shake that Lupe, bought at Sonic on Saturday. We helped a lady that day. She was stuck in the mud with her wheelchair, so Lupe, surprised the kiddos with shakes!


  1. Glad you're feeling better :)

    And how wonderful your family has honored you so. Great job dc and dh! These are the sweetest fruits we grow!

  2. Glad you are feeling better!! I have been feeling so yucky lately I think all my infected teeth are wearing me down..my body has had enough with trying to fight off the infections for a year and half...LOL. Thank goodness I am FINALLY starting to get them fixed I need one pulled (getting it done on monday), one root canal and crown, two more crowns and several cavaties filled ~sigh~
    Cena is fine when I try to help her fix her work...Diego is the one, for me, that gets upset when I try to help him...maybe its a second child thing...hee..hee.
    Guess what?? I got my PR today!! I am excited and kinda scared to start it at the same time...is that weird? It just seems a little intimidating but I know I can do it...hopefully ;-)
    ok well now that I have written a short book I will let you go...

  3. Thank you ladies!
    Amity, if I can be of any help, feel free to email me or ask questions here. Also, Tina, the commenter above ;) has used three levels I believe it is. I'm sure she won't mind you asking about PR either. It can be a bit intimidating at first. Especially if you have never learned all 70 phonograms. Take your time looking everything over. No, it's not weird. Remember mine sat on my shelf for a few years before I started it. I pulled it off to get ready and sell it, but thank the Lord, I didn't!
    Glad to hear you are getting your teeth fixed. I know they have been bothering you for a while now.


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