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Monday-Spider-Pigs-and Me

Yesterday was so nice. Not too hot or cold. I even played catch with Josh, Caleb & Ethan.

The children found a spider web and threw a mosquito in it. They saw the spider come out and take it's midday snack.

Caleb and I enjoying the beautiful weather. I received a few packages. Hee, hee. Oak Meadow Teacher Manual and a fellow homeschooling mama was so kind to send me the Core Package for Spell to Write and Read FREE! I want to teach my SIL how to use it for her little guy (will blog another day about that) . I thought that was really sweet of her to give it to me. There was no way I could afford another set.
I stayed in my sweats yesterday. Yikes! My Sweets much prefers when I wear something nicer but some days I want my sweats.

My dad came by as I was looking over my 'goods'. He brought us some Mexican Bread. One of our favorites is the piggies.

Yummy! They taste sort of like ginger cookies.

My dad stayed for a while. He can't wait to move into the upstairs apartment. My brother is giving him grief, but my dad won't do anything about it. He knows Lupe, will not put up with it. My dad never knows who or what he is going to find at his house.
The sooner they move the better.

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