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More on School for Next Year

Just me thinking more. You know I like to write it all out. I enjoy homeschooling and researching curriculum and writing about my finds, thoughts and ideas. So if you are bored silly feel free to skip. Won't hurt my feeling :)

My original plan was to use The Bridge to the Latin Road. My main concern regarding this is my middle boys will use Phonics Road Level 2 (I know your tired of hearing this, but you never know when someone is visiting for the first time) my two youngest will use Phonics Road 1 and the two oldest will continue using Spell-to-Write and Read. Okay, got that out of the way.

I have been trying to figure out how in the world am I going to fit in The Bridge. I think it's a wonderful program and actually couldn't wait to start it, BUT mom needs to sit and teach it. It take about 40 minutes per lesson.

The reason I want them to have a strong grammar program next year is because the following year they will use The Latin Road. From reading and asking questions it would be best if the child has a strong background in grammar before starting The Latin Road. I don't want us to start The Latin Road, only for us to get frustrated and give up.

Here is my alternate plan (not set in stone because I really, really do want to use The Bridge) Use Junior Analytical Grammar. This is an eleven week course and is recommended for 4th & 5th graders. Since Josh, will be in 7th grade, I will have him move right into Analytical Grammar. I believe this will get Josh & Annette ready for The Latin Road to English Grammar.

I still think using The Bridge would be best because it covers Latin Roots, prefixes, suffixes and will teach the child to build 400 English words using Latin roots, but to keep me sane, something has to give. I think it's going to be The Bridge.

Analytical Grammar does not teach Latin Roots but at least they will be ready with Grammar.

If only I would have started with The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading from the beginning things wouldn't be so difficult. With my four younger children, they will use Phoincs Road and I'll know they will be ready for The Latin Road.


  1. Hey Linda...

    Just throwing stuff atcha.' Feel free to ignore. :) I have seen Junior Analytical Grammar and Analytical Grammar and both are hefty programs (in my opinion) that will still require you to teach-explain-look over. If you do the Junior with Annette, and the Analytical with Josh, you will still spend about 40 minutes, if not more, helping them with their separate grammar assignments.

    I really liked your description of The Bridge. It seems like a gentle grammar and I love that it can double up as grammar and vocabulary, completely eliminating the need for vocabulary and spelling books like Megawords.

    Josh needs the extra one on one and I think he would benefit from having to do it together with Annette. Most grammar books teach almost the same identical material each year, only adding a bit more depth as the grades go higher. An example of that is BJU. If you looked at two grade levels side by side, you will see that some of the lessons are almost word for word in a different grade level.

    Work on the areas that need the most work in depth, and save the other subjects as lighter, fun subjects until you are at the place of feeling that everyone is getting what they are needing.

    It's okay to have a stronger focus on the English/Grammar/Writing/Spelling subjects for a few years with Josh, while going light on the other subjects.

    Just my very humble opinion...I know you will choose what's best for them all! :) :) :)

    This time of year drives me crazy. I'm going through a similar dilema choosing a highschool 10th grade english for Adam...ah decisions decisions...

    God Bless!


    ps I wish I would have started something with greek and latin roots with Adam from the beginning instead of trying to cram them for SAT's now. You are a wise mama!

  2. Thank you Dee! I really do appreciate the time you take to encourage and help. Hmmm.........that 40 mins with AG is something to think about. I do like that AG spreads their terms out. I wonder if I do JAG over the summer, then follow their three year timeline, but do the second yr. during the summer. I'll have to think this through and post about it;)

    What are your plans for Adam's 10th grade year. Would love to read about it.

  3. Linda--you don't know what you've asked--LOL!!!
    That sounds like a good plan. Maybe it will be good for you to get it in your hands to get a better idea of what it would entail--the JAG and the AG, I mean. The font on those books drove me crazy; it was too small, but I'm picky with books like that. :)

    For Adam I have it narrowed down to these things, and am just struggling with the English, but I will post here...it might get a bit long.

    Adam's 10th grade
    Math Relief Algebra 2 (we are working on 1 and love it!--and I am not a math person)

    Pacworks American History 2 (this is a 2 credit course and we did the first year and will do the second year next year)

    Pacworks Integrated Science 2(this is also a 2 credit course and we did the first this year--for the 11th grade we will do Ace Biology with full labs and the lab dvd's)
    And our dreaded English is one of these...I will list it and then explain underneath my reasoning for it all.

    Writing Strands 5, Vocabulary for the Highschool Student, and two to three Progeny Press study guides for literary analysis. I wasn't sure about a grammar review since we have done Winston Grammar, Winston Word Works, and Winston Advanced, back-to-back. I was thinking of maybe giving him a breather for a year with grammar, or just using a handbook, or maybe something like Editor In Chief so he would actually get practice in applying all that he's learned in grammar and punctuation.

    Now here's my explanation of why we would use all of this...hope you have your cup of coffee...

  4. Writing Strands 5 (did 4, but my son hated it and honestly, his written narrations are better than anything he has produced with Writing Strands 4--we worked on Igniting Your Writing this year and he loved it and we may use that for next year, just not sure--you see my confusion! ;))
    Vocabulary for the Highschool Student (this year he's working on Vocabulary Cartoons and he's learning, but I would like to add this for the greek and latin root work--you see why I wish I would have started with a greek and latin root program, it would have been worth the effort, especially since this son wants to go to college and will need decent SAT/ACT scores to get in. And Linda, I've done much research and they don't need all the grammar that we think they do. The tests do not test on grammar, but on usage. Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary are what will help them the most on these types of tests.)

    And the Progeny Press Study Guides because I have used these before and we love the biblical emphasis and how they tie all the character traits and everything to the Word of God. I've looked at a lot of literature programs, even Hewitt, which I was considering, but none of them top the PP study guides for me.

    So what's the other alternative. Although School of Tomorrow 10th grade english paces are very strong in grammar, there is more of a format writing that I think would benefit Adam way more than any creative writing. Most kids, especially boys, struggle with original thought as in creative writing.

    Adam saw a sample pace and loved it. That would eliminate a writing program, a separate grammar program--if I did decide on one, and a literature program as this has two literature novels already built into the program with full analysis of the two books. I may buy a few to look them over and really make my decision.

    My fear with this is just being locked into a program that I will feel we need to finish...not that it's a bad thing, but it leaves less room for tweaking.

    I think that since we will be carrying a heavier math load next year, I may just get something where I can condense everything into one and not have him be so overwhelmed with different workbooks and assignments.

    When it comes to the subject of English, I think both he and I have been very overwhelmed this year. And as you can see, I'm still struggling with a final decision, but need to make it very soon.
    Clear as mud, huh? :)

    Oh, and there are more electives, but those are easy for us...drawing 2-drivers ed from Florida Virtual school, or a graphic design course, maybe Rosetta Stone Spanish. There will probably be two or three of these that I have listed with Spanish being the first and foremost.

    This year for electives we are doing drawing 1 using several resources and tracking hours, keyboarding, and health from School of Tomorrow. We really loved that School of Tomorrow health course.

    Happy Sunday Linda and beautiful family!!!

    ps I am open to any opinions, changes, or recommendations that you may have. :)

  5. Dee, thanks for taking the time to post about what Adam might be using. I'm sure others will find it useful too. I REALLY enjoy reading what other homeschooling mamas are thinking.
    I emailed you too.


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