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More Thinking.....

I'm pretty scared about our school-load next year. I have been thinking a lot about it. Here's why:
  • Ethan & Lance will use Phonics Road level 1
  • Caleb & Brent will use Phonics Road level 2
  • Joshua & Annette will use The Bridge to the Latin Road
  • Joshua & Annette will continue to use Spell-to-Write and Read
For those of you who know, the above programs are teacher intensive. Mom, has to teach them and I enjoy doing so. My problem is, I'm only one person. I get tired sometimes.

The Bridge to the Latin Road will prepare Annette & Josh for The Latin Road to English Grammar. They have to know Grammar, otherwise I think we would all get frustrated with The Latin Road and give up.

A reader suggested using Analytical Grammar. I have heard of it but never paid any attention. Until now.

My goal for next year with regards to Grammar is to have them use an intense Grammar course to get them ready for Latin Road.

One idea would be for Josh & Annette to use Junior Analytical Grammar for the first half of next year, then use Analytical Grammar for the remaining year and continue using it the following year. The following year they would also start the Latin Road as well. This would give them a strong foundation in grammar.

I really do like the looks of The Bridge, it is so thorough but I'm not sure if I can swing four programs that need me to teach. I need to be around to help with math and writing too, let alone history and science.

Using The Latin Road is important to me. I want the children to understand our English language.

When I attended Pastor Swindoll's church he would refer to the Latin or Greek words many times. I believe almost every Sunday, he would tell us what this or that word meant so we could better understand the scriptures.

Same at our current church. Pastor Houston is constantly going back to the Latin, Hebrew or Greek words.

If I wasn't planning on using The Latin Road life would be so much easier. I would continue my course with CQLA. I think if I would have made Grammar a higher priority in the past then CQLA would do the job, but I didn't. My children had some grammar here and there. Actually as I look back they did get grammar just not real consistent.

Annette, is doing well with Christian Light Language Arts. Josh , with CQLA but my Josh, just does not retain like Annette does. With Josh, it's like we did not do grammar at all. Annette, will tell me she remembers learning this last year.

Need to get dinner ready and I'm so tired. What is with me and being tired these days?!

Editing to add: I don't think it so much the Grammar program for Josh, but more the retaining of the material. Things don't stick to his cute brain.

Like I mentioned with Annette, she'll say she remembers. For something to stick with Josh, he needs it day in and day out. I'm the same way. I remember when I would learn something new at work. I would have to write every step to the smallest detail down because I would forget, if it was not going to be a daily thing. I had to do it every day for me to remember.


  1. Linda...Hugs...my brain hurts thinking about this for you. So far I haven't dug that deeply into Grammar, you have me thinking. CLE Language Arts has been it so far. You have my wheels churning and I will investigate soon.

  2. I know, my brain hurts too ;) Hope it all made sense. I'm trying to get all my thoughts down and sometimes the dc are talking to me and I lose my word or thought.

  3. I've been following your blog for quite some time. We have also struggled and switched curriculum so many times. We've finally settled on Analytical Grammar and Meaningful Composition. For years I wanted to use what I felt was the best of the best, but I've had to make some changes and do what will give my children a great education and allow me to live through it. A large family makes things a little more challenging.



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