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No Shoes

Lance and I worked on some school today. He made some squiggles on a paper, pasted strawberries on the strawberry plant, folded a mini accordion book and cut and pasted a dog.

I just got done with Joshua's spelling. He did pretty good. He is on list L-5.

Josh, wasn't too happy this morning. His shoes are falling apart. His toes are bursting through. He mentioned this to his dad a week ago and was upset because he still hasn't any shoes. Poor guy. I lost track of all the shoes and thought that those shoes were his 'play' shoes. I didn't realize that they were his only pair. I told him we'll go this Sunday after church and get him a pair of shoes. I seriously thought we JUST purchased those them.

Right now the kids are having one of their adventures outside with backpacks and all. I have to call in Caleb & Brent. Time for spelling!

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  1. Your kiddos are so cute and sweet!! I hope someday I can meet them all in real life ~smile~

    I hear ya about the shoe thing...once you have more than 2 kids it is easy to lose track of who has what shoes.This seriously happens to me all the time..I will say go put your tennies on adn they will say "I don't have any" I will be like "huh?" what about the ones we just got "oh you mean the ones you got me last year they don't fit me anymore"..oops..this is a regular occurence in my house...LOL.
    So..I just got my copies for the PR...they are not that great and they are not 3 hole punched and you see the shadows from the original 3 holed punches. DO you think I should just contact Schola Publications?


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