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Our Chalkboard

With the small amount of space, we do most of our seat work at the kitchen table.

When I teach spelling (PR & SWR) I use paper as our chalkboard.

Today with PR we are learning about adding suffixes. When to add another consonant and when not too.

When the kids where younger and learning to read; I was introducing the silent 'e'. I would say the 'e' was a bully and would bonk the other vowel on the head to make it say its name. For instance the word "bike" the 'e' would bonk the 'i' and make it say /I/.  
When I was explaining; the word 'hot' when adding a vowel suffix 'er' we need to double the 't' I told Caleb & Brent. Right after explaining the rule Brent said, "The vowel can't get to the 'o' because we added another 't'."
He made me smile because I had forgotten about the bully 'e'. I went with it and said, "Yes, the bully 'e' can't reach over the two t's."


  1. A small dry erase board helps us out A LOT!! I wouldn't know what to do without mine, plus it saves a whole lot of paper. I also have different colored markers that comes in handy.

  2. I'll have to look into the dry erase board. For chalk board time use about 80 pieces a year. So far my pack of paper has lasted. It was actually gifted to me. I kind of like it because I can save the word list and use them for review.
    I do have some dry erase boards that the kids use but they don't hang up. More like lapboards.
    Thanks for stopping by :)


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