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Our Weekend

Our weekend started off with Restaurant Night. Annette and Brent served dinner. It was great. I got to sit down and be spoiled. I made meatloaf, brown rice with gravy and a salad. Annette and Brent, set the table and did all the serving. They made little menus too.

Brent, stirring the gravy.

Sunday, we went to Payless. Joshua, was out of shoes. He needed a pair of play shoes, regular shoes to go out in and church shoes. His church shoes were so old. I didn't realize he was still wearing shoes that Grandma Estela bought for him over a year ago. My definition of shoes:
  • Play Shoes: Shoes to play in around the house. They may get dirty and mama is okay with that. These shoes are also considered 'work' shoes.
  • Regular Shoes: Shoes that CANNOT get dirty. They are for leaving the house. Going to the store or visiting.
  • Church Shoes: Shoes only worn to church. The nicest pair they have. Usually need to be shined now and then.
Annette, Caleb, Brent & Ethan all needed a regular pair of shoes. By the time we were done shopping we had seven pairs of shoes.

The damage was over $200.00. Thankfully we had a 20% off coupon, so we paid $190.00.


  1. Haha...we do kinda the same too. We have play shoes, regular shoes and dress shoes. Sometimes in the summer they (moreso the girls) might have a couple pairs of flip flops and such though.

  2. Yes, us too. Every summer we buy the kids flip flops (some are hand me downs) but they never really wear them. They run out barefoot. LOL. My Lance does like them though. I like them because they are so easy and fast. Hurry up kids! :o)


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