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Outside I can hear a mocking bird singing many different tunes. Wonder which birds it's imitating. I saw it singing its heart out when I was on my way to the mailbox. I looked up and it was putting on a show. So cute!

Molly the owl has four owlets. One more is expected to arrive any day now.

Today I played Zoologic with Lance. He may be immature but he's a smart cookie that boy! I thought for sure it would take him a while to figure out where to put the pieces but he did it pretty fast. Of course I'm starting him at the beginning.

Here is a picture of Annette & Brent playing the game.

 Ethan, is so funny! I let him use the camera to take a picture of a bird. I didn't have time at the moment to go out with him, so I told him to be VERY careful with my camera. I was trying to finish The Phonics Road lesson. When I checked my camera I found this picture instead of a bird.

And this one......

The other day I was out with Ethan, and he had a bit of chocolate on his face. I said, "When I look at you, do you know what I see?"

Ethan looked at me and lovingly said, "Happiness!" How could I say, "No, chocolate." so, I responded with a big "YES!" because I do see happiness in my little guy's face!

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