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Reading Assessment

I had the children take a reading assessment today. I'm thankful that they are moving forward. I used a free online Reading Level Assessment.

Here are the results:

Josh, is between 6.0-6.4. I'm happy to report he is almost at grade level of 6.6. He reads a lot so I'm confident he'll get there. With spelling he has improved too. Not a whole grade level YET, but he is trying. In fact today he missed two words out of forty. Since using SWR he is seeing how the phonograms fit together. He himself has said that it's helping him to spell better.

Annette, 7.0-7.2. She reads a lot but she goes in spurts. Some months she is devouring books, other months she reads one here and there. Currently she is reading Christian Heroes: Then & Now (age 10-14). With spelling Annette, has improved. Learning the phonograms and the rules is helping. Currently the words are on the easy side for her because I'm combining her with Josh, but she is still learning. I added Megawords to give her more of a challenge.

Caleb and Brent both are at about 4.0. They can read the words on the assessment. To become fluent though they need to read, read and read some more. They can figure out the words so that's good. Learning the phonograms has really helped. I see them really studying the words to figure them out.

With regards to their spelling, they are improving but not much. I hope next year with PR 2 there will be more improvement. I'm mainly using PR right now for reading, so I'm happy with the results.


  1. Thanks for posting the link to the Reading Assessment. I have been wondering where Brianna was on her reading. According to the test she is reading above grade level. She tested at 6.7 and she is currently in 5th grade 8 month. :)
    I'm happy for her. I know that PR will help to improve that score and I look forward to having her take that test again after she has completed it. :)

    I'm glad all your children are doing well. That is wonderful for Josh and Annette!! Woohoo! Way to GO!!


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