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Saxon Grammar 6

I purchased Saxon Grammar & Writing grades 5 & 6. I only have grade 6 right now. Hopefully I can get grade 5 soon. I have decided to use Saxon Grammar & Writing (Hake's Grammar is another name for it)

I chose this grammar & writing course because it is a lot of drill and repetition like the Saxon Math program. I'm not sure if I will use the writing portion. I have looked at it briefly and am not impressed (yet) sometimes it takes a while for me to really appreciate something with regards to curriculum, so maybe I'll come around with the writing portion. Again, I haven't looked at it thoroughly enough to really judge the writing component of this program.

The grammar portion looks great! One of the things I should point out is this program comes with a student text workbook which from what I can tell is the writing workbook. The student text is the grammar. It doesn't say workbook, so this leads me to believe that it's not consumable. It looks though that there is room for the child to write except when diagramming. I'm going to let Josh & Annette write in the text and use paper to diagram. The third component is the Teacher Manual.

All-in-all it I'm pleased with what I see so far. I think this will work with my kiddos. The repetition will be great!

The only cons, in my humble opinion is I thought the program was published from a Christian publisher but I don't think that's the case. I guess just because I purchase them from Christian Books, doesn't mean they are Christian. From what Cathy Duffy mentioned it does support the Christian Worldview. I guess time will tell. I will miss the Character Quality from our previous language arts program (CQLA).

The reason why I thought the publisher was Christian was because I was listening to Joshua's Dive cd from Saxon Math and the gentleman said he was a Christian but he was talking about himself. Anyway, I misunderstood.

Another con, is the paper used is very thin. Some compare it to newsprint. It doesn't seem as delicate as newsprint because the ink looks like it will stay put. I can tell that when one needs to erase, well, that could be a problem.

Again, in my opinion it's no big deal. If this works for my children than I guess the thin paper can be over looked. I believe they went with this type of paper because the grammar text is 601 pages. There are 107 lesson.

I have decide to use Junior Analytical Grammar and Analytical Grammar through the summers. Use Saxon Grammar through the school year. This way I know they will know grammar! I don't mind over teaching in this area.

As with Latin, I believe a thorough knowledge of grammar & Latin will really benefit my children when they read & study their Bible. Both Pastor Swindoll and Houston mention to pay attention the the verb, article etc. to understand the text.


  1. My friend is using the 6th grade one with her son right now and she really likes it. She too always looks for Christian material, but says that so far nothing has been inappropriate or contradictory to the Word. She will just change a sentence if she comes up to one she doesn't think is appropriate or if it mentions fairies or goblins, but so far she hasn't had to.

    She too wasn't really going to use the writing portion but has been pleasantly surprised with it so far.

    I think if you add some side written narrations, then it will be complete and enough for the grade levels used!!! I do believe that there is a yahoo group, but I'm not really sure right now. Maybe you could check...

    Many Blessings!!!


  2. Now that I'm taking a closer look at the writing, it does break things down nicely. I'm waiting for the Essay course level A from My Father's Books to make a final decision.

    Also, does your friend write in the student text. It looks like it won't be a problem, other than the diagramming and if they have to write out a sentence but for the most part seems okay.

  3. Hi Linda,

    She does let her son write in the text and it hasn't been a problem. He is doing very well in it! I think it was a good choice. I may use it in the future for my little Josh because of the way that it continually reviews. :)


    ps let us know about that essay book from MFW. Also have you seen Hands On Essays. A lot of people are buzzing about it. You can do a google search for it and the creator of the program has a lesson on her site. It's good stuff!!!

  4. No, but I'll take a look at it ;) regarding Hands on Essays.


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