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Saxon Math

I have been drooling over Teaching Textbooks all year and had planned to use it with the kids for 6th grade and up. For now I will have Josh use Saxon though. The main reason is I know that Saxon has the drill and repetition.

I had Joshua, take the Saxon placement test. I was really hoping he would score at least into the 6/5 book, but it looks like he will start with  5/4.

I ordered Saxon 5/4 Homeschool Edition with the Teacher Cd-roms. I also ordered the Dive Cd-rom.  Dive cd-rom has the lectures showing step by step instruction on digital whiteboard. I figured we can use all the help that the program offeres.

Hopefully it will be here soon so we can start right away!


  1. Okay this is off topic but I wanted to share my friend's blog post: http://jcmfamily.blogspot.com/2010/03/publish-your-blog-so-awesome.html and knowing you were interested in this, I thought I would share it. :)

  2. Azucena just started using Saxon 5/4 too. I might switch to teaching textbooks later too but I am not sure yet.


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